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Shanghai Huansheng Marine Service Co., Ltd.(Huansheng), who is established in 2005, is officially approved to engage in ship’s pollutants cleanup, sludge and garbage disposal, tank cleaning and oil boom laid ever since. The company has successfully passed the qualification of oil spill emergency response in 2011, and has gotten the rare license of 'Grade 1 Ship Pollution Response Company' issued by MSA China.
With the efficient management team, advanced operating ships, complete equipments, and especially trustworthy and pragmatic work style, the company has been continuing providing the premium quality service for her clienteles, and has been rewarded with great approval from the administrative authorities and high praise from her cherished customers.
Shanghai Huansheng Marine Service Co., Ltd.     地址:上海 市翔殷路165号A区417室    电话:86-21-65321793
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